photograph of john haggerty

John Haggerty for

California Attorney General 2014


Greetings and welcome to the John Haggerty for Attorney General 2014 campaign website. John seeks to replace the current California Attorney General, San Francisco Democrat Kamala Harris. During her first term in office: (a) not one of the 741 murderers on California's death row has been executed; (b) she refused to defend our state's Constitution; and (c) crime has risen throughout the state. These facts alone provide sufficient cause to remove her. It is hoped that the informative answers linked to the following questions will show you how John is ready, able, and willing to perform the necessary duties which Kamala Harris has been unable and unwilling to do.

To restore a proper respect for California's laws, Constitution, and democratic form of self-government, we, the people of California, must replace Kamala Harris as Attorney General. Her failure to perform the duties of her office should not be rewarded with another term. John Haggerty would be honored to further serve the people of California as their Attorney General. Please vote to elect John Haggerty Attorney General in the June 3rd primary election.